Platinum Concrete Solutions - PCS

We are a multifaceted company that specialises in grinding and preparation of polished concrete floors. We provide cost-effective and efficient flooring solutions that are unparalleled in the level of service and the creation of a designed workspace.


Our Services

We transform concrete floor turn into a durable,
low maintenance and attractive surface.

Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is the fastest growing floor medium in the world. We transform a dull concrete floor into a beautiful high quality, glossy, high performance, low maintenance floor. 

Concrete Overlays

Concrete is generally requires minimum compression strength of 30MPa to achieve satisfactory results when polishing.

Other Concrete Products

We offer purpose made precast concrete counters, stairs, slabs, copings of various forms, which can be diamond polished or supplied in a "natural" finish. 

•Concrete grinding and polishing

•Concrete Placing

•Upgrade of existing floors

•Concrete preparation 

•Floor Stripping

•Joint and crack repair

•Concrete cure

•Concrete stain protection

•Colour staining of concrete

•Saw cutting of the expansion joints

•Joint seal

What more we offer

Africa's leading platinum concrete solutions provider.



We make concrete floor turn into a durable, low maintenance and attractive surface.

- PCS 

Ready to find out more?

With PCS newer possibilities open up to lower your overall costs and simultaneously improve the   quality of your cleaning. The quality of the daily cleaning is so good that the periodic maintenance   can be eliminated. 


Contact Us

 Address. DATA PARK 2091 Johannesburg, South Africa.

Tel. 011 496 1368

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