About Us 

|Platinum Concrete Solutions

Who we are

Platinum Concrete Solutions (PCS) is a multifaceted company that specialises in grinding and preparation of concrete polished floors. We are a Level 1 B-BBEE, grinding and polishing company. PCS strives to provide cost-effective and efficient flooring solutions that are unparalleled in the level of service and the creation of a designed workspace. 

What we stand for

PCS strives to be the largest concrete grinding company in Africa. It is our strategic intent to be a brand known for high-quality and being the best. More importantly to provide a designed concrete floor that is unrivalled in appearance and finish. 

PCS ensures that we only employ hard-working and talented individuals, who fit in with our methodology of implementing tried and trusted technologies which meet the needs of our customers and are in line with approved design and development goals. We take pride in equipping all our employees with the necessary development, training and PDI. 

Why choose us

We are one of the leaders in the concrete polishing industry boasting the largest concrete polished floor to date as well as having the largest fleet of polishing machines and equipment.